Effective immediately the UPEI Bookstore will be closed until further notice, in response to COVID-19.
For anyone requiring resources for their courses for the Spring/Summer semester, there are textbooks and ebooks/access codes available for select courses.
Please visit https://upei.bookware3000.ca/Course/campus to shop for these materials.
Email delivery will be provided for ebooks/access codes.
Please note, you will only receive your access code once the order is processed, and orders will only be processed periodically, so we ask for your patience with this matter.
Shipping times may be delayed for textbooks and clothing purchases. If necessary, we will make arrangements with you.
Please contact bookstore@upei.ca for any questions, emails are checked during regular business hours.

PLEASE NOTE Currently, all clothing, ebook/textbook and giftware sales are Final Sale

Textbook Price Matching Policy 

The UPEI Bookstore will make every effort to match new textbook prices (to a maximum of 15% off our book price)


  • The price match must be requested at the time of purchase and will not be granted after a book has been purchased
  • The Vendor must be the original supplier, not a third party vendor (eg. "sold and shipped by Amazon.ca" NOT "sold and/or shipped by a third party on Amazon.ca)
  • The competing vendor must be a Canadian bookstore or website (eg. amazon.ca NOT amazon.com
  • The ISBN (10 or 13 digit number on the back of the book) must be the same 
  • Price must be a total cost including shipping with the costs listed in Canadian dollars only
  • Applied to new books only, sorry used book prices will not be matched
  • Book(s) must be in stock and avaialble to ship right away, we will not match prices for books that are currently not available
  • The match must be from a site that is current (same day) 
  • UPEI Bookstore management reserves the right to deny a request for a price match


When purchasing a text through the Bookstore's online shop, price matching policies will remain the same.


  • The customer will be responsible for contacting the UPEI Bookstore to make staff aware of the need for price match.
  • Contact must be made before the order is placed.
  • We may require a link for the secondary website.
  • The price match will only be applied once the link is verified and the order is placed.
  • The customer will not be charged until the price match and the transaction is complete.
  • Please contact bookstore@upei.ca for additional information.