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Textbook Price Matching Policy 

The UPEI Bookstore will make every effort to match new textbook prices (to a maximum of 15% off our book price)


  • The price match must be requested at the time of purchase and will not be granted after a book has been purchased
  • The Vendor must be the original supplier, not a third party vendor (eg. "sold and shipped by" NOT "sold and/or shipped by a third party on
  • The competing vendor must be a Canadian bookstore or website (eg. NOT
  • The ISBN (10 or 13 digit number on the back of the book) must be the same 
  • Price must be a total cost including shipping with the costs listed in Canadian dollars only
  • Applied to new books only, sorry used book prices will not be matched
  • Book(s) must be in stock and avaialble to ship right away, we will not match prices for books that are currently not available
  • The match must be from a site that is current (same day) 
  • UPEI Bookstore management reserves the right to deny a request for a price match


When purchasing a text through the Bookstore's online shop, price matching policies will remain the same.


  • The customer will be responsible for contacting the UPEI Bookstore to make staff aware of the need for price match.
  • Contact must be made before the order is placed.
  • We may require a link for the secondary website.
  • The price match will only be applied once the link is verified and the order is placed.
  • The customer will not be charged until the price match and the transaction is complete.
  • Please contact for additional information.