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Special Orders


The UPEI Bookstore is the number one supplier for special orders of UPEI and AVC crested clothing and giftware.

We also do special orders for textbooks and office supplies. If your club, society, department or residence is interested in ordering clothing or other items please give us a call, email or stop by and see us.  With sufficient notice we are able to do a special order for just about anything your group needs.


The UPEI Bookstore has primary responsiblity for ensuring that UPEI trademarks are used only with permission, and appropriately and accurately displayed, on approved merchandise. 

As an ancillary operation of the University, the UPEI Bookstore should always be given the first opportunity to supply members of the UPEI community with specialty UPEI trademarked merchandise or items. Requests to create custom merchandise should be directed to the manager of the UPEI Bookstore. In the event that the Bookstore cannot supply the item, or cannot supply it at a competitive price, the manager may provide permission for the requestor to have the merchandise produced elsewhere, provided arrangements have been made to ensure that visual identity guidelines are respected, permission for use of the trademarks has been obtained, and the University receives the appropriate royalties. 


Local and regional printers and fabricators are regularly informed that requests to include UPEI registered trademarks on any materials not requetsted directly from, or approved by, the UPEI Bookstore or Integrated Communications may be in violoation of trademark regulations and must be referred back to the University. 


The UPEI Bookstore will regularily put out notices stating UPEI's ownership of University symbols and logos, and the University's intent to protect trademarked identifiers. Integrated Communications will advise clients from the University community, who request merchandise design displaying UPEI visual identity or trademarks, of Bookstore requirements in relation to merchandise production. IC will confer with the UPEI Bookstore prior to initiating design of any client-requested merchandise (for promotion or potential sale) to ensure that the Bookstore is aware of the design request and that their requirements have been met. 


The UPEI Bookstore has been granted leeway in the application of visual identity within the design and production of merchandise (particularily UPEI Branded clothing) for sale within the Bookstore. The Bookstore works closely with Integrated Communications in the creation of artwork for use on merchandise, and respects brand integrity.




Fine Print: 

UPEI and AVC are registered trademarks, any unauthorized use of University names or logos is strictly prohibited. Please contact the Bookstore for more information.


Visual Identity Policy- chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/viewer.html?


Phone: 902-566-0625 (Toll Free 1-866-873-4786)