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Lessons From The Political Economy Of Small Islands

The book focuses on the experience of six North Atlantic, cold-water islands boasting distinct constitutional arragements. These range from full sovereignty (Iceland) to federation (Prince Edward Island; Newfoundland and Labrador), to federacy or home rule status (Faroe Islands; Isle of Man; Aland Islands) It explorse how different constitutional, political and cultural features of these islands are deployed in strategic economic thinking and planning, leading these jurisdictions to craft a real "political economy"

The comparative interplay of economic and juridical resources is taken up in relation to four major economic domains: the primary sector; small-scale manufacturing, export of knowledge based services and tourism. In the outcome, practical "best practice" proposals are suggested.

The bookshows the 'gift of jurisdiction' as a strategy enabler, with law and public policy serving as the fuel for development in a decentralizing globalized world offering loopholes or a special arrangements to exploit.


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